Bureau services

The quality of your data is paramount to achieving a successful mailing campaign - not only this but, as nine times out of ten a mailing campaign will include warm data it is likely to be using some or all of the data held on your own database. As such, it is important to ensure the quality of this data.
There is a vast array of cleansing that can be done on a file to ensure that it is of the highest quality prior to use. However, it is recommended that your data base should be audited at least once a year.

The main cleansing services are:

  • De-duplication - The process of removing duplicate records. This can be on a single or multi file basis.
  • Preference service screening - The process of screening your files against a list of people that do not want to be communicated with in that fashion. Mailing Preference, Fax Preference and Telephone Preference are the main file processes.
  • Change of address - The screening of your file against databases holding details of people who have moved. Files such as Royal Mail's national change of address.
  • Postal Address Verification - The process of checking the quality of your addresses by comparing them to the Royal Mail database of addresses.
  • Deceased Screening - The screening of your data for people who have passed away includes files such as Mortascreen.
  • Gone Away - Screening of your data against databases holding records of people who have gone away.

Amethyst can offer you a full data cleansing solution offering you all of the above and more. Try our free data Audit to find out how your data could be improved. A sample of our services are outlined below.

  • Database management and development
  • List merging and merging of historical data.
  • Multi-criteria de-duplication, Merge/Purge, Suppression
  • Mailsort & Reporting to maximise Royal Mail discounts including Customer bar coding and Mailsort 700 accreditation
  • Address enhancement through Postal Address File Matching(PAF) against all business and domestic addresses known to the Post Office
  • Selections within the data supplied, against client criteria
  • Mailing Preference Service suppression (MPS)
  • Reformatting of Client data / Data conversion
  • Unique Reference Number generation
  • Data analysis to client criteria
  • Salutation generation

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