Enclosing Options

With the advent of more and more sophisticated databases and more personalised information included within today’s mailings the marketers need for sophisticated enclosing machinery has been the reason behind Amethyst’s development of its two Buhrs computer controlled enclosing machines – these machines can be adjusted to enclose complex multiple piece mailings, at high speeds, whilst the Buhrs’ Neurocheck© computer technology monitors a job at every step of the process.

What does this technological capability mean for you?

First and foremost it means quality control, way beyond any that has been contemplated before with earlier machines. This in turn means peace-of-mind. Secondly, it means speed because the machines can achieve significant reductions in the lead times associated with these mailing schedules. Thirdly, it means that jobs which have been previously laboriously hand-enclosed can now be more efficiently produced. The net result equals savings in worry, time and cost for you.

Of course, technology is not the answer to every enclosing problem and, as a traditional mailing company, we value the skills learnt over many years and retained within our Hand Enclosing department, that fulfill some of the most diverse hand assembly campaigns.

It is our ability to bring together the traditional hand skills with the very latest machine enclosing technology that enables us to provide the perfect solution to your needs whilst providing you with the certainty that you're maximising the benefits in quality, timing and price.