You have many options when it comes to enclosing. These include whether to go for envelopes or polylopes and whether to use hand or machine enclosing.

Amethyst can tailor their enclosing methods to match your needs and what is on offer is outlined here.

Enclosing Methods

By combining the latest machine enclosing technology with the almost limitless dexterity of hand enclosing, Amethyst offers Clients total flexibility and freedom from any constraints during the designing of their mailing packs.

Machine Enclosing

The Buhrs enclosing machine has the capability to enclose many items that would normally need to be processed by hand. Up to three addressed items can be camera matched by data code into any machine enclosable wallet envelope sized between C6 and C4. The Buhrs is capable of selectively enclosing up to eight inserts and will even enclose Z folded items or those that do not have a leading edge.

  • 3 camera matched items
  • 8 insert stations
  • C6 packs
  • DL packs
  • C5 packs
  • 220 x 220 packs
  • C4 packs
  • Special sizes
  • Selective feeding of inserts
  • Package feeding
  • Z-Folded or items without a leading edge


Trimming and guillotining of continuous stationery. Folding of laser printed items for enclosing.

Hand Enclosing

Amethyst has available extensive hand enclosing capacity with diverse experience of enclosing complicated creative formats and multiple matching items.