Amethyst Environmental

Amethyst Mailing is a south coast based print and mailing solutions provider undertaking print and mailing activities on behalf of its clients. Amethyst Mailing is committed to minimising its impact on the environment and is constantly striving to achieve the best in everything it does. 

At Amethyst Mailing we recognise that the sector we operate within is capable of producing waste and emissions. However in line with our commitment to the environment we have implemented an environmental
management system which while not limited to will include the following policies:

  • Minimising waste by reducing consumption. Employ effective waste management and recycling procedures
  • Limit the use of same day couriers by utalising overnight services  where possible reducing the effect of our day to day mailing.
  • Ensuring compliance with all environmental legislation related         to our company
  • Reducing the use of and recycling of hazardous chemicals           and emissions
  • Training and educating our staff to act in an environmentally responsible manner
  • Process all waste in accordance with the waste hierarchy
  • Continually reviewing resource consumption and waste production in order to reduce its impact
  • Reviewing our environmental policy regularly and seeking continuous improvement
  • Encouraging our suppliers, to pursue environmentally friendly policies and best practice
  • In accordance with their agreement, recycling all leftover client materials
  • Setting, reviewing and evaluating objectives and targets to continually improve our environmental management

All staff are kept up to date with Amethyst Mailings environmental standpoint and are encouraged to provide ideas and feedback at regular meetings.

The policy is fully supported by all senior management at Amenthyst mailing and has their full backing.

We intend to implement and maintain these points through undertaking a number of accreditations beginning with GreenMark level 2 which is hoped to be complete by the end of 2012 early 2013. Going forward we fully intend to add to this accreditation with further improvements and these will be added to the environmental policy which will be reviewed and and updated at least annually.

Amethyst Mailing Ltd

A pdf of this policy can be found here.