Complete Variable Imagery

Variable imagery is now here.

Amethyst can now create imagery driven from your data. All sorts of things are possible from text replacement to complete variable imaging dependent on what is in the data.

These images can then be created as stand alone images for your use, or incorporated into your direct mail pack as part of the main letter or as one piece mailers all by the use of full colour short run digital print. They can also be produced in web friendly versions for inclusion online or in email campaigns.

Here is an example of text replacement.


You can now create personalisation like never before some uses include:

Direct mail mail pieces:
Variable offers for different contacts can now be combined maximising Mailsort discount.
Reports including different graphics or graphs for different contacts.
variable letterhead creation for a single print run.

Email / Web:
Special offer imagery for different offers and different contacts.
different base image for email.

They sky really is the limit with what you can now create and include in contact with your clients.