That personal touch

It is well documented that personalisation of a mail piece will greatly increase the chances of that mail being read. Put yourself in the recipient's shoes - if you receive some mail addressed to The Occupier and one addressed to yourself which will you open first?

Amethyst can offer an array of different options to personalise your mail piece which are outlined here.


The accurate and timely production of personalised letters is an integral part of many direct mail campaigns. At Amethyst we recognise the importance of this service, and therefore offer an extensive array of options that include:

  • Typesetting of letter text and documents using the latest software
  • Cleaning and reconstruction of graphical images, such as company logos and signatures
  • Laser printing from A5 to A3 and anything in between
  • Simplex or Duplex printing
  • Ink Jet addressing
  • Mail Merge Incorporation of mono graphics and artwork in the printing process
  • Print quality up to 1200 dots per inch
  • Guillotine to finished size after laser printing

The printing process can combine letter text, name and address details, campaign codes etc. Salutations and valedictions, signatures, company logos and other graphics, in as many combinations as you require, to produce a unique personalised document.